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Significance of Home Nursing Care Services Providers

Most elderly who are disabled and in firmed prefer to stay in a home like environment instead of hospitals. However, they cannot always get the kind of treatment they require at home; hence, it is a better decision to keep them in home nursing care institutes to give them homelike experience and also provide all types of healthcare solutions ranging from personal care to technical nursing. Most reputed nursing homes have qualified caregivers that provide help 24×7. Apart from that, some other benefits of choosing home nursing care service providers are:home health care

  1. If you can no longer take care or assist the elderly, nursing institutes are a great way to take care of their needs. As your dear ones age, they might not be able to do a lot of things themselves. For instance, they may require help while using the toilet, getting dressed and doing a lot of other day-to-day tasks. Instead of taking the risk of neglecting your parents or other elderly dear ones, you should consider consulting a home health care provider for them. These health care institutes have trained staff ready to take care of the elderly.
  2. If an elderly suffers a fall, they often sustain an injury that needs a surgery. In any such case, the staff at a home care service may be required, especially when they are recovering.
  3. After a certain age, people require regular medical attention. Seniors who are actually critically ill may require constant care and regular monitoring from a medical professional. Instead of keeping them in the hospital, which may be extremely expensive, always consider hiring a nursing care provider.

There could be a lot of reasons why seniors prefer home nursing care services providers instead of hospitals, search a reputed one so that they can get good care.


Home Health Care Service Providers USA

State Home Health Care Providers Description Contact
Alabama Henry County Department of Human Resources   Abbeville, AL 36310, Phone: (205) 585-6447
Alaska Alaska Home Care & Hospice Association Alaska’s Home Care and Hospice Association started its revitalization process (after several years of inactivity) in 2005. The spark proved to be monthly telephonic informational and networking conference calls for all of the Medicare Certified Home Health Care agencies in the state 3701 East Tudor Road
Suite 208
Anchorage, AK 99507
(907) 274-1066
E-mail: ahcha6@gmail.com Website: http://www.ahcha.org
American Samoa Non of any known Home Health Care Providers    
Arizona Hospice of the Valley Arizona Association for Home Care can help refer you to one of their member agencies as needed. To contact the home care and hospice agency that serves your town. 1510 East Flower Street
Phoenix, AZ, 85014
602-530-6900 Website: http://www.azhomecare.org
Arkansas VNA of Arkansas The Home Care Association of Arkansas can help refer you to one of their member agencies as needed. To contact the home care and hospice agency that serves your town. Two Vincent Circle
Little Rock, AR 72205
Primary Phone: 501-552-3000
Referral: 501-664-4933
Fax: 501-664-5861 Website: http://www.arhomehealth.org
California VNA Hospice and Palliative Care of Southern California The Visiting Nurse Association and Hospice of Southern California is a non-profit home care agency, providing high quality home health care and Hospice. 150 West First Street, Suite 270
Claremont, CA 91711-4750
(800) 969-4862
(909) 624-3574
(909) 624-1559 FAX. Website
Colorado Home Care Association of Colorado The Home Care Association of Colorado can help refer you to one of their member agencies as needed. To contact the home care and hospice agency that serves your town.
9200 E. Mineral Ave., Suite 1140
Centennial, CO 80112
Ph. 303-694-4728
Fx. 303-200-7099
District of Columbia (DC)    
Florida Visting Nurse Association of Florida  The VNA of Florida is a nonprofit homehealth medicare certified agency . The VNA provides a full spectrum of care from bathing to 24-hour care including Medicare and private home care.  ARNP Florence (Mobile Clinic)
2400 SE Monterey Rd
Stuart, Fl 34996
Kansas Kansas Home Care Association  Formed in 1973, the Kansas Home Care Association is now the leading statewide organization representing home care and providing leadership, support and services to the home care industry in Kansas.  Kansas Home Care Association
Kansas Home Care Association
P.O. Box 750023
Topeka, KS 66675
Phone: (785) 478-3640
Fax: (785) 286-1835
Michigan Michigan Visiting Nurses  Michigan Visiting Nurses provides a broad range of high-quality, reasonably priced home care services to the community.  
Nevada Nevada Division for Aging Services  The Aging and Disability Services Division provides leadership and advocacy in the planning, development and delivery of a high quality, comprehensive support service system across the lifespan.  3416 Goni Road
Suite D-132
Carson City, NV 89706
E-mail (General Information – All Offices): adsd@adsd.nv.gov
New Hampshire    
New Jersey  
New Mexico    
New York    
North Carolina    
North Dakota    
Northern Marianas Islands    
Pennsylvania Home Health Care Service Provider
Suma Home Care
Suma Home Care providing nursing services at home. They serve with trained and licensed nurses worked with your doctor to live you safely, with expert and responsive care. 2019 Ravenwood Dr, Folcroft, 19032 – United State
Phone: 484-557-2076
Puerto Rico    
Rhode Island    
South Carolina    
South Dakota    
Virgin Islands    
West Virginia    

Home Healthcare Services for Elders

There are some elders who do not want to depend on others and love to lead an independent life.  Senior citizens like these can get help from home healthcare services providers, who offer several types of services.  Those, who do not require any long term nursing and have only minor health problems, can get benefit from these services. sumahomecare_com_services

Health care services: wide range of services is offered by home healthcare service providers.  These include speech therapy, physical therapy and others.  These people also help the seniors who need assistance for dressing, bathing and eating.  They also monitor the user of medications.  Licensed practical nurses offer these services.  Seniors who are recovering from any type of health problems are the most benefited from these services. 

Choosing the service provider: Choose the service providers after considering the following.  See from how many days they are offering their services.  Check if they are licensed.  Make sure that 24 hour assistance is available with them.  Find out if the people are trained.  Request references of the individual provider.  Take an interview of the person and ask questions.  Seniors may sometime need help even for getting up or getting into the wheel chair.  Make sure all these services are offered.

Roles and Responsibilities of Home Health Nurses

US Navy 050421-N-6665R-091 Hospitalman Monica ...

US Navy 050421-N-6665R-091 Hospitalman Monica Cristiano conducts integrated training with Indonesian nurses and shipboard staff aboard the Military Sealift Command (MSC) hospital ship USNS Mercy (T-Ah- 19) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Patients and their medical needs vary across all age groups. There are infants who require medical assistance and also there are those who are in their second childhood. There are types of illness which are chronic in nature and may pose a hindrance to locomotion of the patient to an external environment of the hospitals. Other reasons might be a serious injury or an accident. These various requirements are catered to by the home health nurse responsibilities. These roles played by them are very important in providing the correct medical assistance in the best possible way.

When treatment and care is up to the home health nurse responsibilities offered by them would include proper care which transcends the purview of mere medical assistance. The nurses need to apply discretionary measures as in what primary treatment to be given especially in cases of emergencies. Hey also must have supervisory capabilities to oversee and ensure that medical treatments are rendered timely on schedule and are coordinated as per the instructions of the physician. The home health nurses also need to have the ability to assess the patient’s medical condition and implement medication having listed the patient’s past medical credentials.

The Importance of Home Health Care

Home health care services offer greater freedom and privacy in addition to the advantage of staying in close contact with one’s families.

Why home health care?

Mum's 78th on 4th December 2005. She will be 7...

Mum’s 78th on 4th December 2005. She will be 79 in 2 weeks. Ardencraig Care Home. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The purview of home health care extends not only to the elderly and disabled, but to all those patients and individuals who would prefer to be treated in a congenial ambience none other than their home. In this context Nurse on Call Home Health Care offers a wide range of customized products and treatment services to the patients. They offer specialized equipments be it medical or technical, in accordance with the needs of the customers. This way, the patients can avail the medical facilities and stay close to their near and dear ones at the same time.

The inherent benefits:

Patients waiting at the clinic. PARAGUAY.

Patients waiting at the clinic. PARAGUAY. (Photo credit: Community Eye Health)

The primary benefit offered by Nurse on Call Home Health Care is that of a great sense of personal freedom, dignity and privacy that is obviated at one’s own home. Patients can have home cooked foods which are conducive to their health. Moreover, the inherent costs of home health care are also relatively low compared to hospitals due to absence of rentals of floor area and other equipments. To add on home health care also reduces stress for the patient as well as their families by removing any hassles of transporting the patient and visiting them within stipulated hours beyond which visitors are not allowed.

SumaHomeCare- Curing a Patient Psychologically

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. The home health care agencies Pennsylvania offers affordable services through round the clock/live-in assistance. It caters to the nursing as well as personal needs of the patients. Continue reading

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