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Universal Life – Flexible Permanent Life Insurance

permanent life insurance SingaporeWhy do people need to purchase a permanent life insurance policy? One of the major reasons is that term or temporary insurance cannot be renewed after 80 years of age. So, if you die after that age, your policy will have no use. If the purpose of purchasing the insurance is to provide for a temporary requirement, like providing for minor children or covering loan amounts, then term insurance can perfectly fit the bill. But there are myriads of reasons for which you may require a permanent insurance policy.

Permanent life insurance Singapore continues in force till the policy holder dies, regardless of what their age, as long the premiums are paid. Additionally, you can avoid even paying extra taxes on policies by applying for a loan against the account. Permanent insurance is available in three general types –

• Whole life
• Term-to-100
• Universal

In all the three, universal life insurance carries maximum benefits and offers high flexibility. Universal life insurance policies are similar to whole life policies, except for three separate components, namely investment component, administrative expenses and mortality charges. In whole life contract, you do not have any say in how the money of your policy is invested. This is not applicable in the case of a universal policy, where you can actually choose the specific investment options you wish to have under your policy.

Additionally, the policy offers the flexibility of changing your premium payment periodically. As a minimum, you just need to pay the mortality charges; you can deposit any amount over and above that charge to build up assets in the accumulating fund.

In short, if you want maximum flexibility and wish to build up investments in your policy, universal life insurance is an ideal choice.


Choosing the Best Auto Insurance Company

Formerly flooded residential neighborhood of S...

Formerly flooded residential neighborhood of St. Bernard: Auto has inscription asking where insurance company is. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you want your customers and your auto to be covered in accidents or in any other damages, then choosing the best and perfect company that fits your needs is the best choice.

How to take policy?

The first step is to know the coverage that the insurance company provides and then decide the type of coverage that you are in need. When all your policies are transferred to one company, you can get the best discount auto insurance.

The second step is to select the best auto insurance company, which, based on the good driving record, rewards customers. Study the plans and rates of the various insurances in the company. In addition to this study, also know about the policy of the company on discount rates for those with a safe driving record.

Know the fact that auto insurance is expensive, regardless of where you live, as the rates vary from place to place. But, by comparing various rates, make sure that you are getting what you pay for. If you are injured in accident, the best company pays your medical bills and later, from the faulty individuals, seeks reimbursement. This proves to be a great relief for those who don’t have health insurance.

Business Insurance: Misconceptions

Whatever the size, every business needs to be protected by Business Insurance.  People who start their own business concentrate on marketing and promoting it but do not pay much attention to have insurance for their venture.  There are many misconceptions about business insurance.

English: Hartford is a business center known a...

English: Hartford is a business center known as the insurance capital of the world. Photo taken by Michael Czaczkes (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Insurance not needed for small business: Every business is small in the initial stages and the capital invested does not decide whether it is small or big.  Many think that new companies do not need any business insurance.  Every trade in which investment is involved needs protection as there is risk in every venture.  There are insurance offers available especially designed to suit the needs of new businesses.

Insurance for Home Based Business: Another misconception is home based business need no protection as they are run from home.  The owners feel that they are not business men and thus there is no need to purchase commercial insurance to protect their trade.

Many feel that when there is no usage of heavy machinery and there are not many numbers of employees in the new trade, there is no need to take insurance.  This is not always correct as any business can be damaged from natural calamities or other types of dangers.

Buy Business Insurance Policy That Matches Your Business Needs

insurance payoff

insurance payoff (Photo credit: Esthr)

Whether you are looking for buying business insurance for the first time or you want to change your existing one, think prudently about the covers you would like to have for your business. It is obvious that you do not want to pay for something that you do not need and at the same time do not want to be caught by surprise to make a claim as well. Remember, even if you buy an insurance policy at present, it can be upgraded to meet your additional requirements afterwards.


Although price is an important factor when deciding on which business insurance policy you should opt for, it should not be the only one. Analyze your business needs and make sure that your insurer is providing you with the coverage you have asked for. Cheaper insurance policies might not be covering you properly and perhaps you end up spending much more.


Research well about the insurance company and read the reviews of the customers to learn about the real time experiences. If you are looking for some additional coverage, just keep in mind that you do not need a whole new business insurance policy for that. You can increase your policy anytime and save losing out to a claim.



Auto Insurance: Save Money on Premiums

A car crash on Jagtvej in Copenhagen, Denmark.

A car crash on Jagtvej in Copenhagen, Denmark. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Finding an auto insurance that is apt and also save you money is not easy. Educating yourself about the insurance and tips on saving money on premiums are the key factors that would help you end with a good deal. So, be prepared to spend some time and put in your effort. Gather quotes from some reputed car insurance companies by applying online. Coverage varies from one company to another and so are the rates of the premiums. The only way to make sure that you are getting the best competitive price is to compare and evaluate them.

If you opt for home insurance along with the auto insurance with the same company, they might consider lowering your premium. Talk to them beforehand and do not take it for granted that this will automatically happen. Also, if you have a good driving history, the premium will be low. If you are planning to buy a car, opt for the one that is cheap to insure. You can ask for car safety discounts and consider usage-based auto insurance programs to save money on premiums.

Most of the auto insurance companies give you discount if you insure more than one car from them. Check out with other options of saving money as well.

Commercial Business Insurance- Prudent Decision to Withstand Business Risks

English: Cover for Sustainable Business Booklet.

English: Cover for Sustainable Business Booklet. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you are running a business or about to start a business then you must be aware of the facts that it contains several pertinent risks that may be evident in a direct or indirect manner. Thus to tackle with situation you should take Commercial Business Insurance as it is said to be the most important part of investment in today’s business world. Taking an insurance policy is said to be the wisest decision in terms of business. Continue reading

Finding A Suitable Auto Insurance Provider Is Important

Nativity scene at the State Auto Insurance bui...

Nativity scene at the State Auto Insurance building in Columbus (Photo credit: eclecticlibrarian)

You can find several auto insurance providers. Choosing the right people for the job is important. You need to confirm various critical aspects for that. Essentially, selecting a suitable insurance provider boils down to finding out an agent. There are two kinds of agents. The captive agents only work for a single company. The independent agent can help you to compare and choose from several insurance providers. Another name for an independent agent is the broker. Continue reading