Starting the Business of Janitorial Cleaning Service

English: My aesthetically pleasing window clea...

English: My aesthetically pleasing window cleaning stuff. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Janitorial Services NYC is one of the best business these days as the demand for it is increasing. The large numbers of buildings in which offices are located have to be cleaned regularly.  Most of the offices outsource the work.  Given here are few advices on getting started with this business.

Costs and Finances: Janitorial Services NYC

English: Window Cleaners on Wedge Internationa...

English: Window Cleaners on Wedge International Tower in Houston Category:Images of Houston, Texas (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

business can be started without investing anything.  But it is advisable to have money to purchase basic cleaning equipment.  It is possible to get financial assistance from investors and capitalists if all the necessary documents are submitted with detailed market research.

Advertising the service: Advertise in yellow pages as many people look for these services in yellow pages.  Get a brochure printed and take along while visiting various offices.  This is one way of direct marketing.

Equipment needed: There is no need to purchase all the necessary equipments before staring the janitorial service.  It is also possible to use the equipment of the client at the beginning and purchase the equipment with the revenue.  Basic equipment required is dust mask, safety goggles, heat resistant gloves, hard hat, vacuum cleaner, brooms, dust pans, bucket, scrub brushes, towels, window cleaning solution, carpet cleaning solution and so on.


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