Wine Stein & Cocktails Mixing-A Heady Combo

Want to become a world class bartender-the #1 ranked Part Time Job of the United States? Enroll yourself in one of the best and most popular professional bar tending institutes of Pennsylvania – The institute offers a variety of courses and classes including advanced courses like the National Tips Certification Program, the Flair Master Bartender Program and the highly demanding Masters of Mixology. The enrolled person gets a complete & comprehensive hands-on training of the job involved like Aperitifs, Speed-Pouring, Hot Toddies, Collins & Slings, and Garnish Prep Measurements

Bastille Day Tumble, French Quarter, New Orlea...

Bastille Day Tumble, French Quarter, New Orleans. Busy bartender as group stops for drinks at “Ryan’s” pub on Decatur Street. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

preparations. The bartending school in Pennsylvania offers training and certification opportunities close to the homes of enrolled students due to the abundance of its centers all over the United States.

The job has plenty of employment opportunities ranging from banquet halls to weddings, hotels and private parties, restaurants, river boats and social function. As long as one can innovate and keep the audience involved the pay continues to be as lucrative as more than $150 per shift. Combined with the tips for better service it can provide a good addition to the pocket. To obtain the maximum benefits candidates can joins and join the elite league of over 30,000 professional bartenders produced by the institute over the last 15 years.


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