Importance Of Auto Insurance In NJ

Auto insurance in NJ has been quite expensive in the past in comparison to other states. But recently the situation has changed and helped the residents a lot. The cost and type of the coverage of auto insurance vary from one to the other. The auto insurance has been made compulsory for all drivers in New Jersey. The situation is such that if somebody drives uninsured then he can be fined, registration and license can be suspended or even have to spend some time in jail. One must be well aware of the basic insurance in NJ.

Basic car insurance policy reviewed

In New Jersey the basic policy is made available to all the drivers. Younger drivers who are

Formerly flooded residential neighborhood of S...

Formerly flooded residential neighborhood of St. Bernard: Auto has inscription asking where insurance company is. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

unable to afford any comprehensive policy or who have no financial assets are considered by the basic insurance in NJ. For death and injury the insurance includes a coverage of $10000 and property damage insurance of $5000. The basic policy also covers personal injury protection under which coverage of $15000 is provided per person and in case of serious injury coverage of almost $250,000 is provided. Collision and comprehensive coverage is not the part of the basic insurance policy. The basic policy of auto insurance in NJ is available at a lower cost but provides less protection than the other policies.


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