Choosing the Best Package for Hajj and Umrah Journeys

The holy journey to the revered cities of Mecca and Medina in Saudi Arabia that is undertaken by millions of Muslims from across the globe every year is known as Hajj or Umrah. There is a slight difference between the two in the fact that when undertaken during the month of Ramzan, the journey is known as Hajj while a trip during any other time of the year is known as Umrah. Several travel agents and their agencies from across the world offer cheap travel packages to go on these journeys. But owing to the extreme significance that this particular journey bears to the sentiments of the Islamic people as well as its religious importance, it is prudent for every Muslim to select Hajj & Umrah packages only after proper research and deliberation.
The packages offered are of two major types. They are usually group packages for more than ten or twenty people travelling together or customized, tailor made packages for individuals or family units. These packages provided by tour operators include the cost of flights, transportation on reaching the cities as well as arrangements for accommodation and food. Visa processing and passport making services are also provided by these tour operators.

Apart from these basic facilities that almost every tourist agency which arrange these trips provide, there are a few other things the pilgrims should look out for and ensure before they finalize their decisions about an operator or an agency. The consumer should check the quality of accommodation being provided by the travel agency. They generally provide star rated facilities. Also the distance of the accommodation from the Kaabah needs to be considered. If located very far away, the tourist will have to travel a lot on foot to reach the central location. So the fact that a tour operator provides cheap travel packages should not be the only reason to undertake this auspicious and holy journey with him or her.

The tailor made or customized packages mentioned earlier are meant for individuals or small groups and designed to fit their personal requirements within a given budget. A greater budget will of course ensure greater flexibility. Thus, we can conclude that choosing proper Hajj & Umrah packages is no mean thing. It requires a lot of meticulous research so as to ensure that this once in a lifetime opportunity remains as a golden memory for the participants as long as they live.


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