Myths about the Athletic Recruitment process Busted!

College athletic recruitment is a very important part of a sportsperson’s life. If one is able to make it through the selection process, then the college becomes the best launch pad of the sporting career. The college can offer the best facilities and exposure that is required for a budding athlete or a sportsperson. However, there are a number of myths related to the selection process to which most of the candidates fall prey to and end up striking the axe on their own leg.
Here are some of the most common myths that one should be wary of before going for he scout recruiting process.
1.      Competition: Many quality athletes feel that it is easy to go through the selection process and therefore they take the matters lightly. This is not the case although most of the peers would be telling so. Many clever people try to create an environment of over easiness which leads to overconfidence and ultimately a failure at the selection.
2.      Do the College Coaches and Scouts care about the athletes? : The answer is no. Most of the scouts have very less time to view a candidate’s performance simply because there are a very large number of candidates. They simply look for the best talent around and nothing else. They have no considerations of personal relationship with friends or family members of the candidate. They have pressure to keep their jobs my building a good team and for it they would require just the best and nothing rest than that.
3.      Can the High School Coaches be relied upon? : Again a no. The high school is a completely different scenario. The college level is an altogether different level. Secondly, what might be good in the books of a high school coach might not be so in the books of a college coach. At high school, many things go unnoticed if a candidate possesses a special talent that is beneficial for the team whereas at the college level, more emphasis is given to the basics and the ability to fit into the already existing team.

Grades: So many candidates feel that sporting talent is the sole criteria for selection but it is not. Besides this, the coaches will look for the fitness levels and most importantly the grades. If a talented player does not have good grades, she or he will not make it through the selection process simply because the coaches will not be assured of the fact that they will be able to continue the course.


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